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Pronunciation of Charges: Learn how to pronounce Charges in English correctly

Learn how to say Charges correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word charge:

to set or demand (a price) ⇒ he charges too much for his services
(transitive) to hold financially liable; enter a debit against
(transitive) to enter or record as an obligation against a person or his account
(transitive) to accuse or impute a fault to (a person, etc), as formally in a court of law
(transitive) to command; place a burden upon or assign responsibility to ⇒ I was charged to take the message to headquarters
to make a rush at or sudden attack upon (a person or thing)
(transitive) to fill (a receptacle) with the proper or appropriate quantity
(often followed by up) to cause (an accumulator, capacitor, etc) to take or store electricity or (of an accumulator) to have electricity fed into it
to fill or suffuse or to be filled or suffused with matter by dispersion, solution, or absorption ⇒ to charge water with carbon dioxide
(transitive) to fill or suffuse with feeling, emotion, etc ⇒ the atmosphere was charged with excitement
(transitive) (law) (of a judge) to address (a jury) authoritatively
(transitive) to load (a firearm)
(transitive) to aim (a weapon) in position ready for use
(transitive) (heraldry) to paint (a shield, banner, etc) with a charge
(intransitive) (of hunting dogs) to lie down at command
a price charged for some article or service; cost
a financial liability, such as a tax
a debt or a book entry recording it
an accusation or allegation, such as a formal accusation of a crime in law
an onrush, attack, or assault
the call to such an attack in battle
custody or guardianship
a person or thing committed to someone’s care
a cartridge or shell
the explosive required to discharge a firearm or other weapon
an amount of explosive material to be detonated at any one time
the quantity of anything that a receptacle is intended to hold
the attribute of matter by which it responds to electromagnetic forces responsible for all electrical phenomena, existing in two forms to which the signs negative and positive are arbitrarily assigned
a similar property of a body or system determined by the extent to which it contains an excess or deficiency of electrons
a quantity of electricity determined by the product of an electric current and the time for which it flows, measured in coulombs
the total amount of electricity stored in a capacitor
the total amount of electricity held in an accumulator, usually measured in ampere-hours q, Q
a load or burden
a duty or responsibility; control
a command, injunction, or order
(slang) a thrill
(law) the address made by a judge to the jury at the conclusion of the evidence
(heraldry) a design, device, or image depicted on heraldic arms ⇒ a charge of three lions
the solid propellant used in rockets, sometimes including the inhibitor
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