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Pronunciation of Channel: Learn how to pronounce Channel in English correctly

Learn how to say Channel correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word channel:

a broad strait connecting two areas of sea
the bed or course of a river, stream, or canal
a navigable course through a body of water
(often plural) a means or agency of access, communication, etc ⇒ to go through official channels
a course into which something can be directed or moved ⇒ a new channel of thought
a band of radio frequencies assigned for a particular purpose, esp the broadcasting of a television signal
a path for an electromagnetic signal ⇒ a stereo set has two channels
a thin semiconductor layer between the source and drain of a field-effect transistor, the conductance of which is controlled by the gate voltage
a tubular or trough-shaped passage for fluids
a groove or flute, as in the shaft of a column
a path along which data can be transmitted between a central processing unit and one or more peripheral devices
one of the lines along the length of a paper tape on which information can be stored in the form of punched holes
short for channel iron
-nels, -nelling, -nelled, (US) -nels, -neling, -neled
to provide or be provided with a channel or channels; make or cut channels in (something)
(transitive) to guide into or convey through a channel or channels ⇒ information was channelled through to them
to serve as a medium through whom the spirit of (a person of a former age) allegedly communicates with the living
(transitive) to exhibit the traits of (another person) in one’s actions
(transitive) to form a groove or flute in (a column, etc)
Derived Forms
ˈchanneller noun
Word Origin
C13: from Old French chanel, from Latin canālis pipe, groove, conduit; see canal