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Pronunciation of Chamber: Learn how to pronounce Chamber in English correctly

Learn how to say Chamber correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word chamber:

1a large room used for formal or public events:
a council chamber
one of the houses of a parliament:
the upper chamber
(chambers) Law, British rooms used by a barrister or barristers, especially in the Inns of Court.
Law a judge’s office, where proceedings may be held if not required to be held in open court.
archaic a private room, especially a bedroom.
2an enclosed space or cavity:
a burial chamber
a large underground cavern.
the part of a gun bore that contains the charge.
Biology a cavity in a plant, animal body, or organ.
3 [as modifier] Music of or for a small group of instruments:
a chamber concert
[with object]
place (a bullet) into the chamber of a gun:
he chambered a fresh cartridge

Middle English (in the sense ‘private room’): from Old French chambre, from Latin camera ‘vault, arched chamber’, from Greek kamara ‘object with an arched cover’