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Pronunciation of Chaining: Learn how to pronounce Chaining in English correctly

Learn how to say Chaining correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word chain:

a flexible length of metal links, used for confining, connecting, pulling, etc, or in jewellery
(usually plural) anything that confines, fetters, or restrains ⇒ the chains of poverty
Also called: snow chains (usually plural) a set of metal links that fit over the tyre of a motor vehicle to increase traction and reduce skidding on an icy surface
a number of establishments such as hotels, shops, etc, having the same owner or management
(as modifier) ⇒ a chain store
a series of related or connected facts, events, etc
a series of deals in which each depends on a purchaser selling before being able to buy
(of reasoning) a sequence of arguments each of which takes the conclusion of the preceding as a premise See (as an example) sorites
Also called: Gunter’s chain. a unit of length equal to 22 yards
Also called: engineer’s chain. a unit of length equal to 100 feet
(chemistry) two or more atoms or groups bonded together so that the configuration of the resulting molecule, ion, or radical resembles a chain See also open chain, ring1 (sense 18)
(geography) a series of natural features, esp approximately parallel mountain ranges
See off the chain
See jerk someone’s chain
(surveying) to measure with a chain or tape
(transitive) often foll by up to confine, tie, or make fast with or as if with a chain
to sew using chain stitch