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Pronunciation of Ceilings: Learn how to pronounce Ceilings in English correctly

Learn how to say Ceilings correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ceiling:

1the upper interior surface of a room or other similar compartment:
the books were stacked from floor to ceiling
2an upper limit set on prices, wages, or expenditure:
the government imposed a wage ceiling of 3 per cent
3the maximum altitude that a particular aircraft can reach:
the aircraft’s quoted ceiling of 24,000 feet
the altitude of the base of a cloud layer.
4 Nautical the inside planking of a ship’s bottom and sides.
[in combination]:
high-ceilinged rooms
Middle English (denoting the action of lining the interior of a room with plaster or panelling): from ceil + -ing1. sense 1 dates from the mid 16th century