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Pronunciation of Cataracted: Learn how to pronounce Cataracted in English correctly

Learn how to say Cataracted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cataract:

1a large waterfall:
the river descends in a succession of spectacular cataracts
a sudden rush of water; a downpour:
the rain enveloped us in a deafening cataract
2a medical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision:
she had cataracts in both eyes
late Middle English: from Latin cataracta ‘waterfall, floodgate’, also ‘portcullis’ (medical sense 2 probably being a figurative use of this), from Greek katarakt─ôs ‘down-rushing’, from katarassein, from kata- ‘down’ + arassein ‘strike, smash’: