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Pronunciation of Captained: Learn how to pronounce Captained in English correctly

Learn how to say Captained correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word captain:

1the person in command of a ship:
he found a vessel whose captain was prepared to sign him on
the pilot in command of a civil aircraft:
aircraft captains are entitled to deny boarding to passengers under the influence of drugs
a rank of naval officer above commander and below commodore.
a rank of officer in the army and in the US and Canadian air forces, above lieutenant and below major.
2the leader of a team, especially in sports:
the cup was presented to the winning team’s captain
a powerful or influential person in a particular field:
a captain of industry
British a head boy or girl in a school:
he did very well academically, becoming school captain
North American a supervisor of waiters or bellboys.
3(in the US) a police officer in charge of a precinct, ranking below a chief.
[with object]
be the captain of (a ship, aircraft, or sports team):
all the boats are captained by professional sailors


late Middle English (in the general sense ‘chief or leader’): from Old French capitain (superseding earlier chevetaigne ‘chieftain’), from late Latin capitaneus ‘chief’, from Latin caput, capit- ‘head’