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Pronunciation of Capsular: Learn how to pronounce Capsular in English correctly

Learn how to say Capsular correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word capsule:

1a small case or container, especially a round or cylindrical one:
he showed us the cylinder of the gun filled with six plastic capsules
a small soluble case of gelatin containing a dose of medicine, swallowed whole.
short for space capsule.
2 Anatomy a tough sheath or membrane that encloses an organ or other structure in the body, such as a kidney or a synovial joint.
Biology a gelatinous layer forming the outer surface of some bacterial cells.
3the foil or plastic covering the cork of a wine bottle.
4 Botany a dry fruit that releases its seeds by bursting open when ripe, such as a pea pod.
5 Botany the spore-producing structure of mosses and liverworts, typically borne on a stalk.
6 [as modifier] (of a piece of writing) shortened but retaining the essence of the original; condensed:
a capsule review of the movie
(of a collection of clothing) consisting of a relatively small set of key items:
a capsule wardrobe


late Middle English (in the general sense ‘small container’): via French from Latin capsula, diminutive of capsa (see case2)