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Pronunciation of Capacity: Learn how to pronounce Capacity in English correctly

Learn how to say Capacity correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word capacity:

noun (plural capacities)
1 [in singular] the maximum amount that something can contain:
the capacity of the freezer is 1.1 cubic feet
the stadium’s seating capacity
[mass noun]:
the room was filled to capacity
[as modifier] fully occupying the available area or space:
they played to a capacity crowd
the total cylinder volume that is swept by the pistons in an internal-combustion engine:
the cubic capacity is 1171 cc
former term for capacitance.
2the amount that something can produce:
the company aimed to double its electricity-generating capacity
when running at full capacity, the factory will employ 450 people
3the ability or power to do or understand something:
I was impressed by her capacity for hard work
their intellectual capacities
[in singular] a person’s legal competence:
cases where a patient’s testamentary capacity is in doubt
4 [in singular] a specified role or position:
I was engaged in a voluntary capacity
writing in his capacity as legal correspondent

Pronunciation: /-tətɪv/
(also capacitative) adjective (chiefly Physics)

late Middle English: from French capacité, from Latin capacitas, from capax, capac- ‘that can contain’, from capere ‘take or hold’