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Pronunciation of Canvass: Learn how to pronounce Canvass in English correctly

Learn how to say Canvass correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word canvass:

[with object]
1solicit votes from (electors or members):
in each ward, two workers canvassed some 2,000 voters
[no object]:
he’s canvassing for the Green Party
try to obtain (support):
they’re canvassing support among shareholders
question (someone) in order to ascertain their opinion:
they promised to canvass all member clubs for their views
2propose (an idea or plan) for discussion:
early retirement was canvassed as a solution to the problem of unemployment
discuss thoroughly:
the issues that were canvassed are still unresolved
an act of canvassing:
a house-to-house canvass



early 16th century (in the sense ‘toss in a canvas sheet’ (as a sport or punishment)): from canvas. Later extended senses include ‘criticize, discuss’ (mid 16th century) and ‘propose for discussion’; hence ‘seek support for’