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Pronunciation of Cannon: Learn how to pronounce Cannon in English correctly

Learn how to say Cannon correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cannon:

1 (plural usually same ) a large, heavy piece of artillery, typically mounted on wheels, formerly used in warfare:
they would cross at the Town ford, under cover of the defending cannon
a heavy automatic gun that fires shells from an aircraft or tank:
the gunships blasted arms depots with 105 mm cannon fire and rockets
2 Billiards & Snooker, chiefly British a stroke in which the cue ball strikes two balls successively.
[ early 19th century: alteration of carom]
3 Engineering a heavy cylinder or hollow drum that is able to rotate independently on a shaft.
[no object, with adverbial of direction] chiefly British
1collide with something forcefully or at an angle:
the couple behind almost cannoned into us
his shot cannoned off the crossbar
2 Billiards & Snooker make a cannon shot.
late Middle English: from French canon, from Italian cannone ‘large tube’, from canna ‘cane, reed’ (see cane)