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Pronunciation of Cannabis: Learn how to pronounce Cannabis in English correctly

Learn how to say Cannabis correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cannabis:

[mass noun]
a tall plant with a stiff upright stem, divided serrated leaves, and glandular hairs. It is used to produce hemp fibre and as a psychotropic drug. Also called hemp, marijuana.
Cannabis sativa, family Cannabaceae (or Cannabidaceae): two subspecies (sometimes considered two species), C. s. sativa, which is chiefly used for hemp, and C. s. indica, from which the drug is usually obtained
a dried preparation of the flowering tops or other parts of the cannabis plant, or a resinous extract of it ( cannabis resin), used (generally illegally) as a psychotropic drug, chiefly in cigarettes.

from Latin, from Greek kannabis