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Pronunciation of Cankers: Learn how to pronounce Cankers in English correctly

Learn how to say Cankers correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word canker:

[mass noun]
1a destructive fungal disease of apple and other trees that results in damage to the bark:
cut out lesions on branches caused by canker
[count noun] an open lesion in plant tissue caused by infection or injury:
check trees for cankers
fungal rot in some fruits and vegetables, e.g. parsnips and tomatoes:
canker is this crop’s arch enemy
2an ulcerous condition or disease of a human or animal, in particular:
(also canker sore) North American a small ulcer of the mouth or lips:
a remedy for canker sores
another term for thrush2 (sense 2).
ulceration of the throat and other orifices of birds, typically caused by a protozoal infection:
secondary infections of canker and coccidiosis
inflammation of the ear of a dog, cat, or rabbit, typically caused by a mite infestation.
3a malign and corrupting influence that is difficult to eradicate:
[in singular]:
racism remains a canker at the heart of the nation
1 [no object] (of woody plant tissue) become infected with canker:
(as noun cankering)
we found some cankering of the wood
2 (as adjective cankered) infected with a pervasive and corrupting bitterness:
he hated her with a cankered, shameful abhorrence