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Pronunciation of Calve: Learn how to pronounce Calve in English correctly

Learn how to say Calve correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word calve:

1 [no object] (of cows and certain other large animals) give birth to a calf:
Galloway cows have wide pelvises and calve easily
(as noun calving)
calving takes place in the spring
[with object] (of a person) help (a cow) give birth to a calf:
people often used to come for him to help calve their cows
2 [with object] (of an iceberg or glacier) split and shed (a smaller mass of ice):
glaciers were calving icebergs directly into the sea
[no object] (of a mass of ice) split off from an iceberg or glacier:
ice calved off a glacier with a loud explosive crumble
Old English calfian, from cælf ‘calf’