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Pronunciation of Caltrops: Learn how to pronounce Caltrops in English correctly

Learn how to say Caltrops correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word caltrop:

1a spiked metal device thrown on the ground to impede wheeled vehicles or (formerly) cavalry horses:
militant demonstrators threw a box of caltrops across the highway
2a creeping plant with woody carpels that typically have hard spines and resemble military caltrops.
Genus Tribulus, family Zygophyllaceae
3 (also water caltrop)another term for water chestnut (sense 3).
Old English calcatrippe, denoting any plant which tended to catch the feet, from medieval Latin calcatrippa, from calx ‘heel’ or calcare ‘to tread’ + a word related to trap1. sense 1 was probably adopted from French