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Pronunciation of Calculates: Learn how to pronounce Calculates in English correctly

Learn how to say Calculates correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word calculate:

[with object]
1determine (the amount or number of something) mathematically:
the program can calculate the number of words that will fit in the space available
[with clause]:
local authorities have calculated that full training would cost around £5,000 per teacher
determine by reasoning, experience, or common sense; reckon or judge:
I was bright enough to calculate that she had been on vacation
[no object] (calculate on) include as an essential element in one’s plans.
2 (usually be calculated to do something) intend (an action) to have a particular effect:
his last words were calculated to wound her
3 [with clause] US dialect suppose or believe:
I calculate it’s pretty difficult to git edication down there


Pronunciation: /-lətɪv/ adjective

late Middle English: from late Latin calculat- ‘counted’, from the verb calculare, from calculus ‘a small pebble (as used on an abacus)’