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Pronunciation of Bureaux: Learn how to pronounce Bureaux in English correctly

Learn how to say Bureaux correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bureau:

noun (plural bureaux or bureaus /-rəʊz/)
1British a writing desk with drawers and typically an angled top opening downwards to form a writing surface.
North American a chest of drawers.
2an office or department for transacting particular business:
a news bureau
the London bureau of the Washington Post
a government department:
the intelligence bureau

late 17th century: from French, originally ‘baize’ (used to cover writing desks), from Old French burel, probably from bure ‘dark brown’, based on Greek purros ‘red’

Spelling help

Spell bureau with -eau at the end; the plural can be spelled either bureaus or bureaux (as in the original French).