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Pronunciation of Buoy: Learn how to pronounce Buoy in English correctly

Learn how to say Buoy correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word buoy:

an anchored float serving as a navigation mark, to show reefs or other hazards, or for mooring.
[with object]
1 (often be buoyed up) keep (someone or something) afloat:
the creatures could swim, both buoyed up and cooled by the water
make (someone) cheerful and confident:
she was buoyed up by his praise
cause (a price) to rise to or remain at a high level:
shares were up 4p, buoyed by his cut-and-thrust management style
2 (usually as adjective buoyed) mark with an anchored float:
a buoyed channel
Middle English: probably from Middle Dutch boye, boeie, from a Germanic base meaning ‘signal’. The verb is from Spanish boyar ‘to float’, from boya ‘buoy’