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Pronunciation of Bunker: Learn how to pronounce Bunker in English correctly

Learn how to say Bunker correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bunker:

1a large container or compartment for storing fuel:
a coal bunker
2a reinforced underground shelter, typically for use in wartime.
3a hollow filled with sand, used as an obstacle on a golf course.
[with object]
1fill the fuel containers of (a ship); refuel.
2 (be bunkered) Golf (of a player) have one’s ball lodged in a bunker:
he was bunkered at the fifth hole
hit (the ball) into a bunker:
he bunkered his second shot
British informal cause difficulties to; hinder the progress of:
he may find his new sporting pursuits bunkered by activities he hadn’t planned on
3 [no object] take refuge in a bunker or other shelter:
his family had bunkered down inside their home
the former Governor has spent four days bunkered down at Government House
mid 16th century (originally Scots, denoting a seat or bench): perhaps related to bunk1