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Pronunciation of Bums: Learn how to pronounce Bums in English correctly

Learn how to say Bums correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bum:

North American
1a vagrant:
bums had been known to wander up to their door and ask for a sandwich
a lazy or worthless person:
you ungrateful bum!
2 [in combination] a person who devotes a great deal of time to a specified activity:
a ski bum
verb (bums, bumming, bummed)
1 [no object] (usually bum around) travel with no particular purpose:
he bummed around Florida for a few months
pass one’s time idly:
students bumming around at university
2 [with object] get by asking or begging:
they tried to bum quarters off us
of poor quality; bad or wrong:
not one bum note was played

give someone (or get) the bum’s rush
chiefly North American
forcibly eject someone (or be forcibly ejected) from a place or gathering:
the bouncer gave me the bum’s rush
abruptly dismiss someone (or be abruptly dismissed) for a poor idea or performance:
the President-elect is getting the bum’s rush over the economy
on the bum
North American travelling rough and with no fixed home; vagrant:
he continued to travel the country on the bum
Phrasal Verbs

bum someone out
North American make someone feel annoyed, upset, or disappointed:
I was assigned the day shift, which bummed me out

mid 19th century: probably from bummer