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Pronunciation of Bulking: Learn how to pronounce Bulking in English correctly

Learn how to say Bulking correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bulk:

1 [mass noun] the mass or size of something large:
residents jump up and down on their rubbish to reduce its bulk
large size or shape:
he moved quickly in spite of his bulk
[count noun] a large mass or shape.
[as modifier] large in quantity:
bulk orders of over 100 copies
roughage in food:
potatoes supply energy, essential protein, and bulk
cargo in an unpackaged mass such as grain or oil:
[as modifier]:
the port is specially designed for the largest dry bulk vessels
Printing the thickness of paper or a book.
2 (the bulk of) the greater part of something:
the bulk of the traffic had passed
[with object]
1treat (a product) so that its quantity appears greater than it is:
traders were bulking up their flour with chalk
[no object] (bulk up) build up flesh and muscle, typically in training for sporting events:
he took dietary supplements to bulk up as he lifted weights
2combine (shares or commodities for sale):
your shares will be bulked with others and sold at the best prices available
bulk large
be or seem to be of great importance:
territorial questions bulked large in diplomatic relations
in bulk
1(of goods) in large quantities and generally at a reduced price:
retail multiples buy in bulk
2(of a cargo or commodity) not packaged; loose:
sugar is imported in bulk and bagged on the island
Middle English: the senses ‘cargo as a whole’ and ‘heap, large quantity’ (the earliest recorded) are probably from Old Norse bĂșlki ‘cargo’; other senses arose perhaps by alteration of obsolete bouk ‘belly, body’