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Pronunciation of Bud: Learn how to pronounce Bud in English correctly

Learn how to say Bud correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bud:

a compact knob-like growth on a plant which develops into a leaf, flower, or shoot.
Biology an outgrowth from an organism, e.g. a yeast cell, that separates to form a new individual without sexual reproduction taking place.
[with modifier] Zoology a rudimentary leg or other appendage of an animal which has not yet grown, or never will grow, to full size:
in certain limbless lizards and snakes a limb bud develops
verb (buds, budding, budded)
[no object] Biology
(of a plant or animal) form a bud:
new blood vessels bud out from the vascular bed
[with object] graft a bud of (a plant) on to another plant.
in bud
(of a plant) having newly formed buds:
pale pink flowers which are of deeper colour in bud
late Middle English: of unknown origin