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Pronunciation of Bucket: Learn how to pronounce Bucket in English correctly

Learn how to say Bucket correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bucket:

1a roughly cylindrical open container with a handle, made of metal or plastic and used to hold and carry liquids:
a bucket and spade
an ice bucket
the contents of a bucket or the amount it can contain:
she emptied a bucket of water over them
(buckets) informal large quantities of something, especially liquid:
I wept buckets
a compartment on the outer edge of a waterwheel:
the Laxey wheel had 168 buckets, each holding 24 gallons
the scoop of a dredger or grain elevator:
as the chain turns the buckets bite into the canal bed and scoop out the mud
a scoop attached to the front of a loader, digger, or tractor.
2 Computing a unit of data that can be transferred from a backing store in a single operation.
verb (buckets, bucketing, bucketed)
[no object]
1 (it buckets down, it is bucketing down, etc.) British informal rain heavily:
it was still bucketing down
2 [with adverbial of direction] informal (of a vehicle) move quickly and jerkily:
the car came bucketing out of a side road
noun (plural bucketfuls)
Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French buquet ‘tub, pail’, perhaps from Old English būc ‘belly, pitcher’