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Pronunciation of Bucked: Learn how to pronounce Bucked in English correctly

Learn how to say Bucked correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word buck:

1the male of some horned animals, especially the fallow deer, roe deer, reindeer, and antelopes.
a male hare, rabbit, ferret, rat, or kangaroo.
South African an antelope of either sex.
2another term for vaulting horse.
3a vertical jump performed by a horse, with the head lowered, back arched, and back legs thrown out behind:
the horse seemed to leap, making a mighty buck that shipped the rider off
4 archaic a fashionable and spirited young man:
the dashing young buck, driving his own equipage
1 [no object] (of a horse) to perform a buck:
he’s got to get his head down to buck
[with object]:
she bucked them off if they tried to get on her back
(of a vehicle) make sudden jerky movements:
the boat began to buck in the water
2 [with object] oppose or resist (something oppressive or inevitable):
the shares bucked the market trend
3 (buck someone up or buck up) informal make or become more cheerful:
[with object]:
Bella and Jim need me to buck them up
[no object]:
buck up, kid, it’s not the end of the game
US military slang
lowest of a particular rank:
a buck private

buck up one’s ideas
British informal become more serious, energetic, and hard-working:
she wouldn’t have a job, she realized, if she didn’t buck up her ideas

Old English, partly from buc ‘male deer’ (of Germanic origin, related to Dutch bok and German Bock); reinforced by bucca ‘male goat’, of the same ultimate origin