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Pronunciation of Bruting: Learn how to pronounce Bruting in English correctly

Learn how to say Bruting correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word brute:

1a savagely violent man or animal:
he was a cold-blooded brute
informal a cruel or insensitive person:
what an unfeeling little brute you are
something awkward, difficult, or unpleasant:
a great brute of a machine
2an animal as opposed to a human being:
we, unlike dumb brutes, can reflect upon our impulses
unreasoning and animal-like:
a brute struggle for social superiority
merely physical:
we achieve little by brute force
fundamental, inescapable, and unpleasant:
the brute necessities of basic subsistence
late Middle English (as an adjective): from Old French brut(e), from Latin brutus ‘dull, stupid’