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Pronunciation of Brownie: Learn how to pronounce Brownie in English correctly

Learn how to say Brownie correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Brownie:

noun (plural Brownies)
1 (the Brownies) the junior branch of the Guide Association, for girls aged between about 7 and 10, wearing a brown uniform:
for my birthday I want to join the Brownies
(British also Brownie Guide) a member of the Brownies:
she wanted to be a Brownie but her daddy wouldn’t let her
2 (brownie) a small square of rich chocolate cake, with nuts.
Australian/NZ a piece of sweet currant bread.
3 (brownie) a benevolent elf that supposedly haunts houses and does housework secretly.
[diminutive of brown; a ‘wee brown man’ often appears in Scottish ballads and fairy tales]

brownie point
informal, humorous an imaginary award given to someone for an attempt to please:
his policy will win brownie points with voters