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Pronunciation of Brownest: Learn how to pronounce Brownest in English correctly

Learn how to say Brownest correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word brown:

of a colour produced by mixing red, yellow, and blue, as of dark wood or rich soil:
an old brown coat
she had warm brown eyes
dark-skinned or suntanned:
his face was brown from the sun
South African term for coloured (sense 2 of the adjective).
(of bread) made from unsifted or unbleached flour.
1 [mass noun] brown colour or pigment:
the brown of his eyes
a pair of boots in brown
[count noun]:
the print is rich with velvety browns
brown clothes or material:
a woman all in brown
2a brown thing, in particular the brown ball in snooker.
3 [with modifier] a satyrid butterfly, which typically has brown wings with small eyespots.
Subfamily Satyrinae, family Nymphalidae: many genera and species
4South African term for coloured (sense 1 of the noun).
compulsory education for blacks and browns
make or become brown, typically by cooking:
[with object]:
a skillet in which food has been browned
[no object]:
grill the pizza until the cheese has browned