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Pronunciation of Bronzed: Learn how to pronounce Bronzed in English correctly

Learn how to say Bronzed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bronze:

[mass noun]
a yellowish-brown alloy of copper with up to one-third tin:
the Minoans made large numbers of statuettes in ivory and bronze
[as modifier]:
a bronze statue
[count noun] a sculpture or other object made of bronze:
on the black bookcase were three exquisite bronzes
[count noun]short for bronze medal.
a yellowish-brown colour:
rich, gleaming shades of bronze
[with object]
1make (a person or part of the body) suntanned:
Alison was bronzed by outdoor life
2give (something) a surface of bronze or something resembling bronze:
the doors were bronzed with sculpted reliefs


mid 17th century (as a verb): from French bronze (noun), bronzer (verb), from Italian bronzo, probably from Persian birinj ‘brass’