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Pronunciation of Broadcasting: Learn how to pronounce Broadcasting in English correctly

Learn how to say Broadcasting correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word broadcast:

verb (past and past participle broadcast)
[with object]
1transmit (a programme or some information) by radio or television:
the announcement was broadcast live
(as noun broadcasting)
the state monopoly on broadcasting
[no object] take part in a radio or television transmission:
they regularly broadcast on Radio 2
tell (something) to many people:
we don’t want to broadcast our unhappiness to the world
2scatter (seeds) by hand or machine rather than placing in drills or rows:
the second method is to broadcast the seeds together with not more than 1 kg to the acre of rapeseed
a radio or television programme or transmission:
the Queen’s annual Christmas TV broadcast
relating to radio or television programmes:
a broadcast journalist
by scattering:
green manures can be sown broadcast or in rows