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Pronunciation of Brightly: Learn how to pronounce Brightly in English correctly

Learn how to say Brightly correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bright:

1giving out or reflecting much light; shining:
the sun was dazzlingly bright
her bright, dark eyes
full of light:
the rooms are bright and spacious
(of a period of time) having sunny, cloudless weather:
the long, bright days of June
(of colour) vivid and bold:
the bright green leaves
having a vivid colour:
a bright tie
2intelligent and quick-witted:
she was amiable, but not very bright
a bright idea
3cheerful and lively:
at breakfast she would be persistently bright and chirpy
she gave a bright smile
(of someone’s future) likely to be successful and happy:
these young people have a bright future ahead of them
4(of sound) clear, vibrant, and typically high-pitched:
her voice is fresh and bright
chiefly literary
a full moon shining bright
1bold and vivid colours:
a choice of colours from pastels through to brights
2North American headlights switched to full beam:
he turned the brights on and we drove along the dirt road