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Pronunciation of Brass: Learn how to pronounce Brass in English correctly

Learn how to say Brass correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word brass:

1 [mass noun] a yellow alloy of copper and zinc:
[as modifier]:
a brass plate on the door
[count noun] a decorative object made of brass:
shining brasses stood on the mantelpiece
(also horse brass) [count noun] British a round flat brass ornament for the harness of a draught horse.
[count noun] a memorial, typically a medieval one, consisting of a flat piece of inscribed brass, laid in the floor or set into the wall of a church:
children do not appear on memorial brasses until the 1420s
[count noun] a brass block or die used for stamping a design on a book binding.
2 Music brass wind instruments (including trumpet, horn, and trombone) forming a band or a section of an orchestra:
the brass were consistently too loud
3 (also top brass) informal people in authority or of high military rank:
the top brass of the Jockey Club
4British informal money:
they wanted to spend their newly acquired brass

brassed off
British informal exasperated:
I’m absolutely brassed off with all this talk about economic recovery
a brass farthing
[with negative] informal any money or assets at all:
she hasn’t got two brass farthings to rub together
brass monkey
British informal used in phrases to refer to extremely cold weather:
it’s brass monkey weather tonight
it was cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey
[often said to be from a type of brass rack or ‘monkey’ once used to stack cannonballs on ships, and from which the balls might be ejected as a result of the metal contracting in very cold weather; this explanation has not been proved]
brass neck
informal cheek or effrontery:
I didn’t think that his mother would have the brass neck to come round here
the brass ring
North American informal success or reward:
Willa went for the brass ring, joining the firm’s San Francisco office at a whopping salary
[with reference to the reward of a free ride given on a merry-go-round to the person hooking a brass ring suspended over the horses]
get down to brass tacks
informal start to consider the basic facts or practical details:
we’ve had a meeting as to the general terms, and now we’re going to get down to brass tacks