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Pronunciation of Boxed: Learn how to pronounce Boxed in English correctly

Learn how to say Boxed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word box:

1a container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid:
a cigarette box
a hat box
the contents of a box:
she ate a whole box of chocolates that night
(the box) informal, chiefly British television or a television set:
we sat around watching the box
informal a casing containing a computer:
the new model is half the cost of an equivalent IBM box
informal a coffin:
I always thought I’d be in a box when I finally left here
vulgar slang, chiefly North American a woman’s vagina.
2an area or space enclosed within straight lines, in particular:
an area on a page that is to be filled in or that contains separate printed matter:
tick the box on the coupon
an area on a computer screen for user input or displaying information:
a new box appears containing the names of all the programs which are opened
British a box junction:
do not enter the box until your exit is clear
(the box) Soccer the penalty area:
he curled in a brilliant second from the edge of the box
(the box) Baseball the area occupied by the batter:
ten thousand people booed him when he stepped into the box
3a separate section or enclosed area reserved for a group of people in a theatre or sports ground, or for witnesses or the jury in a law court:
the royal box
historical a coachman’s seat.
British a small country house for use when shooting or fishing.
4a protective casing for a piece of a mechanism:
in the second variation, a switch loop, only one cable enters the box
informalshort for gearbox.
British a light shield for protecting a man’s genitals in sport, especially in cricket.
5a facility at a newspaper office for receiving replies to an advertisement:
write to me care of Box 112
a facility at a post office whereby letters are kept until called for by the addressee.
[with object]
1 (often as adjective boxed) put in or provide with a box:
the books are sold as a boxed set
Muriel boxed up all Christopher’s clothes
enclose (a piece of text) within printed lines:
boxed sections in magazines
(box someone in) restrict the ability of (a person or vehicle) to move freely:
a van had double-parked alongside her car and totally boxed her in
2 (box sheep up) Australian/NZ mix up different flocks.