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Pronunciation of Bottoms: Learn how to pronounce Bottoms in English correctly

Learn how to say Bottoms correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bottom:

(usually the bottom)
1the lowest point or part of something:
the bottom of the page
she paused at the bottom of the stairs
the ground under a sea, river, or lake:
the liner plunged to the bottom of the sea
the lowest surface on the inside of a container:
place the fruit on the bottom of the dish
the seat of a chair.
chiefly British the furthest part or point of something:
the shed at the bottom of the garden
the lowest position in a competition or ranking:
he started at the bottom and now has his own business
(also bottoms) the lower half of a specified two-piece garment:
a pair of pyjama bottoms
(bottoms)another term for bottomland.
river bottoms
the keel or hull of a ship:
the double bottoms of the ship
2chiefly British a person’s buttocks:
Toby pinched her bottom
3 [mass noun] Physics one of six flavours of quark.
4 [mass noun] archaic stamina or strength of character:
whatever his faults, he possesses that old-fashioned quality—bottom
5 archaic a ship, especially a cargo carrier:
the Americans placed an embargo on shipping in American bottoms to British areas
in the lowest position:
the books on the bottom shelf
(of a place) in the furthest position away in a downhill direction:
the bottom field
in the lowest or last position in a competition or ranking:
I was put in the bottom class
they came bottom with 17 points