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Pronunciation of Borrower: Learn how to pronounce Borrower in English correctly

Learn how to say Borrower correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word borrow:

[with object]
1take and use (something belonging to someone else) with the intention of returning it:
he had borrowed a car from one of his colleagues
take and use (money) from a person or bank under an agreement to pay it back later:
to meet this deficit the government has to borrow money
[no object]:
lower interest rates will make it cheaper for individuals to borrow
take and use (a book) from a library for a fixed period of time:
you could easily have borrowed a book from your local library
take (a word or idea) from another language, person, or source and use it in one’s own language or work:
the term is borrowed from Greek
2 Golf allow (a certain distance) when playing a shot to compensate for sideways motion of the ball due to a slope or other irregularity.
a slope or other irregularity on a golf course which must be compensated for when playing a shot.

be (living) on borrowed time

used to convey that someone has survived against expectations, with the implication that they will not do so for much longer:
the government is living on borrowed time
borrow trouble

North American take needless action that may have detrimental effects.



Old English borgian ‘borrow against security’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German borgen

Some people confuse the two words lend and borrow, which have reciprocal but different meanings: see lend (usage).