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Pronunciation of Bore: Learn how to pronounce Bore in English correctly

Learn how to say Bore correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bore:

1 [with object] make (a hole) in something with a tool or by digging:
bore a hole in the wall to pass the cable through
[no object]:
the drill can bore through rock
his eyes bored into hers
hollow out (a gun barrel or other tube):
an 1100 cc road bike bored out to 1168 cc
2 [no object] (of an athlete or racehorse) push another competitor out of the way.
1the hollow part inside a gun barrel or other tube.
[often in combination] the diameter of a bore; the calibre:
a small-bore rifle
[in combination] a gun of a specified bore:
he shot a guard in the leg with a twelve-bore
2short for borehole.

Old English borian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to German bohren