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Pronunciation of Blush: Learn how to pronounce Blush in English correctly

Learn how to say Blush correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word blush:

1 [no object] show shyness, embarrassment, or shame by becoming red in the face:
she blushed at the unexpected compliment
[with complement]:
Kate felt herself blushing scarlet
feel embarrassed or ashamed:
[with infinitive]:
he blushed to think of how he’d paraded himself
2 (often as adjective blushing) literary be or become pink or pale red:
the trees are loaded with blushing blossoms
1a reddening of the face as a sign of shyness, embarrassment, or shame:
he had brought a faint blush to her cheeks
2a pink or pale red tinge:
the roses were white with a lovely pink blush
3 [mass noun, often as modifier] a wine with a slight pink tint made in the manner of white wine but from red grape varieties:
blush Zinfandel
4 [mass noun] North Americananother term for blusher (sense 1).

at first blush
at the first glimpse or impression:
his next decision was at first blush disconcerting
spare (or save) someone’s blushes
refrain from causing someone embarrassment:
we will spare the blushes of those forecasters who notched up the biggest errors


Old English blyscan; related to modern Dutch blozen