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Pronunciation of Bluer: Learn how to pronounce Bluer in English correctly

Learn how to say Bluer correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word blue:

adjective (bluer, bluest)
1of a colour intermediate between green and violet, as of the sky or sea on a sunny day:
the clear blue sky
blue jeans
deep blue eyes
(of a person’s skin) having turned blue as a result of cold or breathing difficulties:
Ashley went blue and I panicked
(of a bird or other animal) having blue markings:
a blue jay
(of a cat, fox, or rabbit) having fur of a smoky grey colour:
the blue fox
(of a ski run) of the second-lowest level of difficulty, as indicated by coloured markers positioned along it.
Physics denoting one of three colours of quark.
2 informal (of a person or mood) melancholy, sad, or depressed:
he’s feeling blue
3 informal (of a film, joke, or story) having sexual or pornographic content:
a blue movie
4British informal politically conservative:
the successful blue candidate
1 [mass noun] blue colour or pigment:
she was dressed in blue
the dark blue of his eyes
[count noun]:
armchairs in pastel blues and greens
blue clothes or material:
Susan wore blue
2a blue thing, in particular:
the blue ball in snooker.
(the blue) literary the sky or sea, or the unknown:
far out upon the blue were many sails
another term for bluing.
3 [usually with modifier] a small butterfly, the male of which is predominantly blue while the female is typically brown.
Numerous genera in the family Lycaenidae
4British a person who has represented Cambridge University (a Cambridge blue) or Oxford University (an Oxford blue) at a particular sport in a match between the two universities:
a flyweight boxing blue
a distinction awarded to a Cambridge blue or an Oxford blue:
Adrian’s brother won a rugby blue in December
5Australian/NZ informal an argument or fight:
did you have a blue or what?
[ 1940s: perhaps by association with phrases such as make the air blue, alluding to swearing]
6Australian/NZ informal a mistake:
his tactical blue in saying the opposition wasn’t ready to govern
7Australian/NZ informal a nickname for a red-headed person:
only an Aussie could make a red-headed man ‘Blue.’
[ 1930s: of unknown origin]
8British informal a supporter of the Conservative Party.
verb (blues, bluing or blueing, blued)
1make or become blue:
[with object]:
the light dims, bluing the retina
(as adjective blued)
blued paper
[no object]:
the day would haze, the air bluing with afternoon
[with object] heat (metal) so as to give it a greyish-blue finish:
(as adjective blued)
nickel-plated or blued hooks
2 [with object] chiefly historical wash (white clothes) with bluing:
they blued the shirts and starched the uniforms