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Pronunciation of Bleep: Learn how to pronounce Bleep in English correctly

Learn how to say Bleep correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bleep:

a short high-pitched sound made by an electronic device as a signal or to attract attention:
when your food was ready for eating, the microwave told you so with five bleeps
a short high-pitched electronic sound used in broadcasting as a substitute for a censored word or phrase.
Britishanother term for bleeper.
[no object]
(of an electronic device) make a short high-pitched sound or sounds as a signal or to attract attention:
the screen flickered for a few moments and bleeped
[with object] British summon (someone) with a bleeper:
I’ll get Jan to bleep you if I need transport
[with object] substitute a bleep or bleeps for (a censored word or phrase):
I may have to bleep a few words in his testimony

1950s: imitative