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Pronunciation of Bleed: Learn how to pronounce Bleed in English correctly

Learn how to say Bleed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bleed:

verb (past and past participle bled /blɛd/)
1 [no object] lose blood from the body as a result of injury or illness:
the cut was bleeding steadily
some casualties were left to bleed to death
(as noun bleeding)
the bleeding has stopped now
2 [with object] draw blood from (someone), especially as a former method of treatment in medicine:
he didn’t bleed his patients with leeches
informal drain (someone) of money or resources:
his policy of attempting to bleed British unions of funds
3 [with object] allow (fluid or gas) to escape from a closed system through a valve:
open the isolating valves and bleed air from the pump chamber
release fluid or gas from (a closed system) by allowing air to escape through a valve:
air can be got rid of by bleeding the radiator at the vent
4 [no object] (of a liquid substance such as dye or colour) seep into an adjacent colour or area:
I worked loosely with the oils, allowing colours to bleed into one another
Printing (with reference to an illustration or design) print or be printed so that it runs off the page after trimming:
the picture bleeds on three sides
1an instance of bleeding:
a lot of blood was lost from the placental bleed
2 [mass noun] the escape of fluid or gas from a closed system through a valve:
check the amount of air bleed from the compressor
[as modifier]:
open the bleed valve
3 Printing an instance of printing an illustration or design so as to leave no margin after the page has been trimmed:
the picture has an unfortunate bleed
[mass noun] the seeping of a dye or colour into an adjacent colour or area:
colour bleed is apparent on brighter hues