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Pronunciation of Blazing: Learn how to pronounce Blazing in English correctly

Learn how to say Blazing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word blaze:

1a very large or fiercely burning fire:
twenty firemen fought the blaze
[in singular] a very bright display of light or colour:
the gardens in summer are a blaze of colour
[in singular] a conspicuous display or outburst of something:
their relationship broke up in a blaze of publicity
2 (blazes) informal used in various expressions of anger, bewilderment, or surprise as a euphemism for ‘hell’:
‘Go to blazes!’ he shouted
what the blazes are you all talking about?
[with reference to the flames associated with hell]
[no object]
1burn fiercely or brightly:
the fire blazed merrily
(blaze up) burst into flame:
he attacked the fire with poker and tongs until it blazed up
shine brightly or powerfully:
the sun blazed down
Barbara’s eyes were blazing with anger
2fire a gun repeatedly or indiscriminately:
they stormed with main entrance with guns blazing
3 informal achieve something in an impressive manner:
she blazed to a gold medal in the 200-metre sprint
[with object] hit (a ball) with impressive strength:
he blazed a drive into the rough
4 informal smoke cannabis.
like blazes
informal very fast or forcefully:
I ran like blazes homewards
[see 1sense 2 of the noun]
with all guns blazing
informal with great but reckless determination and energy:
they went for him with all guns blazing
Old English bl├Žse ‘torch, bright fire’, of Germanic origin; related ultimately to blaze2