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Pronunciation of Blasts: Learn how to pronounce Blasts in English correctly

Learn how to say Blasts correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word blast:

1a destructive wave of highly compressed air spreading outwards from an explosion:
they were thrown backwards by the blast
an explosion or explosive firing:
a bomb blast
a shotgun blast
a forceful attack or assault:
United’s four-goal blast
2a strong gust of wind or air:
the icy blast hit them
a strong current of air used in smelting.
3a single loud note of a horn, whistle, or similar:
a blast of the ship’s siren
4 informal a severe reprimand:
I braced myself for the inevitable blast
5North American informal an enjoyable experience or lively party:
it could turn out to be a real blast
[with object]
1blow up or break apart (something solid) with explosives:
the school was blasted by an explosion
produce (damage) by means of an explosion:
the force of the collision blasted out a tremendous crater
[with object and adverbial of direction] force or throw (something) in a specified direction by impact or explosion:
the car was blasted thirty feet into the sky
shoot with a gun:
Fowler was blasted with an air rifle
[no object, with adverbial of direction] move very quickly and loudly in a specified direction:
four low-flying jets blasted down the glen
2produce or cause to produce loud continuous music or other noise:
[no object]:
music blasted out at full volume
[with object]:
an impatient motorist blasted his horn
3kick or strike (a ball) hard:
the striker blasted the free kick into the net
4 informal criticize fiercely:
the school was blasted by government inspectors
5 literary (of a wind or other natural force) wither, shrivel, or blight (a plant):
corn blasted before it be grown up
strike with divine anger (used to express annoyance or dislike):
damn and blast this awful place!
destroy or ruin:
your reputation is blasted already in the village
informal, chiefly British
expressing annoyance:
‘Blast! The car won’t start!’