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Pronunciation of Bibs: Learn how to pronounce Bibs in English correctly

Learn how to say Bibs correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bib:

1a piece of cloth or plastic fastened round a child’s neck to keep its clothes clean while eating.
a loose-fitting sleeveless garment worn on the upper body for identification, especially by competitors and officials at sporting events:
the sponsor’s name printed on our bibs
the part above the waist of the front of an apron or pair of dungarees.
a patch of colour on the throat of a bird or other animal:
a black bird with a white bib
2a common European inshore fish of the cod family. Also called pout2 or pouting.
Trisopterus luscus, family Gadidae

one’s best bib and tucker

informal one’s smartest clothes.
stick (or poke) one’s bib in

Australian informal interfere.

late 16th century: probably from bib2