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Pronunciation of Below: Learn how to pronounce Below in English correctly

Learn how to say Below correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word below:

1at a lower level or layer than:
just below the pocket was a stain
the blistered skin below his collar
lower in grade or rank than:
the aristocracy rank below the monarchy
they rated the company’s financial soundness below its competitor’s
lower than (a specified amount or standard):
pupils of below average ability
below freezing
below 50 mph
2extending underneath:
the tunnel below the crags
cables running below the floorboards
at a lower level or layer:
he jumped from the window into the moat below
(in printed text) mentioned further down on the same page, or further on in the text:
our nutritionist is pictured below right
Nautical below deck:
I’ll go below and fix us a drink

below (the) ground

beneath the surface of the ground:
60 feet below ground
below stairs

British dated in the basement of a house as occupied by servants.

late Middle English (as an adverb): from be- ‘by’ + the adjective low1. Not common until the 16th century, the word developed a prepositional use and was frequent in Shakespeare