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Pronunciation of Bells: Learn how to pronounce Bells in English correctly

Learn how to say Bells correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bell:

1a hollow metal object, typically in the shape of a deep inverted cup widening at the lip, that sounds a clear musical note when struck, especially by means of a clapper inside:
the church bells tolled
a bell tinkled as he went in the shop
[as modifier]:
a bell tower
a device that includes or sounds like a bell, used to give a signal or warning:
a bicycle bell
(the bell) (in boxing and other sports) a bell rung to mark the start or end of a round:
they were dragged off each other at the final bell
2a bell-shaped object or part, in particular:
the end of a trumpet.
the corolla of a bell-shaped flower:
a flower with small pale blue bells
3 (bells) a musical instrument consisting of a set of metal tubes of different lengths, suspended in a frame and played by being struck with a hammer. Also called tubular bells.
4 Nautical (preceded by a numeral) the time as indicated every half hour of a watch by the striking of the ship’s bell one to eight times:
at five bells in the forenoon of June 11
1 [with object] provide with a bell or bells:
(as adjective belled)
animals in gaudy belled harnesses
2 [no object] make a ringing sound likened to that of a bell:
the organ was belling away
[with object] British informal telephone (someone):
no problem, I’ll bell her tomorrow
3 [no object] spread outwards like the lip of a bell:
her shirt belled out behind