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Pronunciation of Bean: Learn how to pronounce Bean in English correctly

Learn how to say Bean correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bean:

1an edible seed, typically kidney-shaped, growing in long pods on certain leguminous plants:
a tin of beans
beans on toast
[as modifier]:
a bean casserole
the hard seed of coffee, cocoa, and certain other plants.
2a leguminous plant that bears beans in pods.
Phaseolus and other genera, family Leguminosae: numerous species, including the runner bean (P. coccineus), French bean (P. vulgaris), and broad bean (Vicia faba)
3 (North American also beans) [with negative] informal a very small amount or nothing at all of something (used emphatically):
there is not a single bean of substance in the report
used in reference to money:
he didn’t have a bean
4 informal, dated a person’s head, especially when regarded as a source of common sense:
this morning the old bean seems to be functioning in a slow way
[with object] informal, chiefly North American
hit (someone) on the head:
she picked up a rock and beaned him on the forehead