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Pronunciation of Bash: Learn how to pronounce Bash in English correctly

Learn how to say Bash correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bash:

[with object]
strike hard and violently:
she bashed him with the book
[no object]:
people bashed on the doors
(bash something in) damage or break something by striking it violently:
the car’s rear window had been bashed in
[no object] (bash into) collide with:
the other vehicle bashed into the back of them
fiercely criticize or oppose:
the dispute will be used as an excuse to bash the unions
1a heavy blow:
a bash on the head
2a party or social event:
a birthday bash
3 [in singular] British an attempt:
have a bash at this quiz
Phrasal Verbs

bash something out
produce something rapidly without preparation or attention to detail:
I didn’t just want to bash out songs
bash on (or away)
British continue despite difficulties:
nothing much we can do, except bash on