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Pronunciation of Bait: Learn how to pronounce Bait in English correctly

Learn how to say Bait correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bait:

1 [mass noun] food placed on a hook or in a net, trap, or fishing area to entice fish or other animals as prey:
herrings make excellent bait for pike
[count noun]:
fishing with live baits
something intended to entice someone to do something:
many potential buyers are reluctant to take the bait
2variant spelling of bate1.
[with object]
1deliberately annoy or taunt (someone):
the other boys revelled in baiting him about his love of literature
cause dogs to attack (a trapped or restrained animal):
people who bait badgers
2put bait on (a hook) or in (a trap, net, or fishing area) to entice fish or animals:
I used a hook baited with fat