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Pronunciation of Back: Learn how to pronounce Back in English correctly

Learn how to say Back correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word back:

1the rear surface of the human body from the shoulders to the hips:
he lay on his back
[as modifier]:
back pain
the upper surface of an animal’s body that corresponds to a person’s back:
the adults have white bodies with grey backs
the spine of a person or animal.
the main structure of a ship’s hull or an aircraft’s fuselage:
Demetrius broke its back on the rocks in a force 11 gale
the part of a garment that covers a person’s back:
a top with a scooped neckline and a low back
a person’s back regarded as carrying a load or bearing an imposition:
the Press are on my back
2the side or part of something that is away from the spectator or from the direction in which it moves or faces; the rear:
at the back of the hotel is a secluded garden
a rubber dinghy with an engine at the back
the position directly behind someone or something:
she unbuttoned her dress from the back
the side or part of an object that is not normally seen or used:
write on the back of a postcard
the part of a chair against which the sitter’s back rests.
3a player in a team game who plays in a defensive position behind the forwards:
their backs showed some impressive running and passing
4 (the Backs) the grounds of Cambridge colleges which back on to the River Cam.
1in the opposite direction from the one that one is facing or travelling towards:
he moved back a pace
she walked away without looking back
expressing movement of the body into a reclining position:
he leaned back in his chair
sit back and relax
at a distance away:
keep back from the roadside
(back of) North American informal behind:
he knew that other people were back of him
North American informal losing by a specified margin:
the team was five points back
2so as to return to an earlier or normal position or condition:
she put the book back on the shelf
he drove to Glasgow and back in a day
things were back to normal
at a place previously left or mentioned:
the folks back home are counting on him
fashionable again:
sideburns are back
3in or into the past:
he made his fortune back in 1955
4in return:
they wrote back to me
1 [with object] give financial, material, or moral support to:
he had a newspaper empire backing him
his mother backed him up on everything
supplement in order to strengthen:
firefighters, backed up by helicopters and planes, fought to bring the flames under control
bet money on (a person or animal) winning a race or contest:
he backed the horse at 33-1
2 [with object] cover the back of (an article) in order to support, protect, or decorate it:
a mirror backed with tortoiseshell
3 [no object, with adverbial of direction] walk or drive backwards:
she tried to back away
the government backed away from the plan
[with object]:
he backed the Mercedes into the yard
[no object] (of the wind) change direction anticlockwise around the points of the compass:
the wind had backed to the north-west
The opposite of veer1.
[with object] Sailing put (a sail) aback in order to slow the vessel down or assist in turning through the wind.
4 [no object] (back on/ on to) (of a building or other structure) have its back facing or adjacent to:
his garage wall backs on to the neighbouring property
[with object] lie behind or at the back of:
the promenade is backed by lots of cafes
put a piece of music on the less important side of (a vinyl recording):
the new single is backed with a track from the LP
5(in popular music) provide musical accompaniment to (a singer or musician):
on his new album he is backed by an American group
1of or at the back of something:
the back garden
the back pocket of his jeans
in a remote or subsidiary position:
back roads
2from or relating to the past:
she was owed back pay
3directed towards the rear or in a reversed course:
a back header
4 Phonetics (of a sound) articulated at the back of the mouth:
a long back vowel, as in ‘dance’ or ‘bath’