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Pronunciation of Attritional: Learn how to pronounce Attritional in English correctly

Learn how to say Attritional correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word attrition:

[mass noun]
1the process of reducing something’s strength or effectiveness through sustained attack or pressure:
the council is trying to wear down the opposition by attrition
the squadron suffered severe attrition of its bombers
chiefly North American & Australian/NZ the gradual reduction of a workforce by employees leaving and not being replaced rather than by redundancy:
the company said that it will reduce its worldwide employment by about 10% through attrition
wearing away by friction; abrasion:
the skull shows attrition of the edges of the teeth
2(in scholastic theology) sorrow for sin, falling short of contrition.



late Middle English (in attrition (sense 2)): from late Latin attritio(n-), from atterere ‘to rub’