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Pronunciation of Ask: Learn how to pronounce Ask in English correctly

Learn how to say Ask correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ask:

1 [reporting verb] say something in order to obtain an answer or some information:
[with object and clause]:
I asked her what she meant
[with object]:
people are always asking questions
[with direct speech]:
‘How much further?’ I asked
[no object]:
the old man asked about her job
[no object] (ask around) talk to different people in order to find out something:
there are fine meals to be had if you ask around
[no object] (ask after or Scottish for) British enquire about the health or well-being of:
if I see him I’ll tell him you were asking after him
2 [with object] say to (someone) that one wants them to do or give something:
Mary asked her father for money
[with object and infinitive]:
I asked him to call the manager
[no object]:
don’t be afraid to ask for advice
[with clause] say that one wants permission to do something:
she asked if she could move in
[with infinitive]:
he asked to see the officer involved
[with object]:
you should have asked my permission first
[no object] (ask for) say that one wants to speak to:
when I arrived I asked for Katrina
say that one wants (a specified amount) as a price for selling something:
he was asking £250 for the guitar
expect or demand (something) of someone:
it’s asking a lot, but could you look through Billy’s things?
3 [with object] invite (someone) to one’s home or a function:
it’s about time we asked Pam to dinner
she asked him round for a drink
(ask someone along) invite someone to join one on a group outing:
do you want to ask him along?
(ask someone out) invite someone out on a date:
a few boys asked her out but never the right ones